We are a progressive organisation that continuously strives for better practice and great results.

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We aim to recruit, train, and retain an industry-leading, diverse, and motivated team of professionals.


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About The Tony White Group

The Tony White Group is a dynamic organisation that continuously strives for Industry best practice.

We embrace the latest technology and rapidly adapt to industry advancements - all whilst maintaining our focus on our Customers and continual improvement within the Group.

For the past 30+ years we've consistently expanded our Dealership numbers and facilities, and enhanced their results through outstanding support and hands-on assistance.

The Tony White Group began in Melbourne with Tony as a successful Dealer Principal. Since then the Group has increased exponentially, with us now having Dealerships located along the East Coast of Australia - from Hobart in Tasmania through to Cairns in North Queensland - making us one of Australia's largest, privately-owned, Automotive Dealership Groups.

A privately-owned Company has the advantage of unimpeded decision-making, without the delay of a Board of Directors needing to convene to deliberate on an issue. When required, there is immediate, decisive action and decreased reaction time from the Owners and Management Team, therefore improving efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity for our busy Dealerships.